Nekudot Mabat (Point of View)

Nekudot Mabat
Point of View

This is this year's theme for the Federation Early Childhood Conference to be held December 3. Over 750 educators in the DC Metro area will gather to study, reflect, and learn from each other. Staff chose from ~42 sessions offered (more details below) and will listen to a keynote by Noa Baum, renowned storyteller who will speak on the power of stories. Each year the Gan staff joins colleagues from other Jewish schools to hone skills and enjoy the sense of community that comes with sharing study. We invite you to ask a staff member what THEY enjoyed learning when you see them around school.
This year’s conference, Nekudat Mabat: point-of-view will offer sessions focusing on:

  • Becoming familiar with typical development of perspective taking and development of empathy
  • Strengthening our understanding of delays and disabilities that hamper the development of perspective taking
  • Exploring how Jewish learning strengthens perspective taking
  • Examining how we can learn to work with parents and staff who may have a different point-of-view than we do in areas of curriculum or developmental growth of young children
  • Learning how the perspective of viewing the child as competent on a day to day basis can be put into practice in your classroom
  • Discovering what has changed about the point-of-view of art materials and play in the early childhood classroom
  • Strengthening ways in which we can support teachers to view critique as just that and not criticism
  • Focusing on techniques to strengthen collaboration
  • By looking at development, pedagogy and Jewish practice we will raise the quality of practice for our teachers and children.