New year, new excitement!

Starting a new school year is exciting when you're an educator. We wonder: "What will our students be like? Will their interests mesh? Will my (tried and true) community-building skills work well with the new community? How will the values of the Gan enhance each child's educational experience this year?" Parents wonder similar things: "Will the teacher 'get' my child? Will he/she have friends? What kinds of things will my child learn?"
This year as a school (and in the larger early childhood Jewish community in the Metro DC area), we are focusing on "Kehillah Kedoshah (a holy community): Weaving Mindful Relationships." Research tells us that learning happens in the context of relationships - both interpersonal and intellectual. This year, as our community studies and grows together, I hope we all have the opportunity to build lasting, holy relationships.
Wishing you a successful 2014-2015 school year, Sheri