The beginning of the school year is full of joy and excitement here in the Gan. For all of us, getting to know students and families is invigorating, with the possibilities for learning appearing endless!  To prepare for the school year, the staff spent a week studying, reflecting, and projecting. As early childhood educators we are always looking towards new research and current thinking to incorporate as we plan. We invite you to take a "peek" into our learning by examining one particularly inspiring presentation (click here). This presentation illustrates how learning and relationships exist symbiotically, supporting the work of our classrooms. This staff learning was presented by Darci Lewis, who will work with the staff during this school year, focusing on pedagogy, provocations, classroom environments, and materials. The staff also studied with in-house experts and other visiting scholars. Feel free to ask any staff member about her/his own learning. This learning will continue throughout the year to maintain the high standards of  the Gan. We hope this year is enriching for you and your child.