Giving Roots AND Wings

Welcome back to the Gan. I hope you had time to do something wonderful with your family over the break. I spent time with my 19 year old who is back in town after spending most of this year traveling. Her big accomplishment over the break was getting her driver’s license. As she starts driving independently, I am reminded anew of how difficult it is to "Give your child roots AND wings."

 In preschool, we know that the foundation we provide now is the basis of the life skills they will continue to use, even as they face “bigger kid” challenges, like learning to drive. We encourage Gan children to take appropriate risks (climbing high while outside) so they can learn what safe feels like and how to judge what makes them feel comfortable and uncomfortable. We encourage them to face challenges (figuring out how to take turns, understanding another’s feelings, accepting the disappointment of not having enough time to do something), all like skills that come back again and again (and certainly while driving!). We encourage them to try things that are new, maybe scary or difficult, and give them a safe place to try, and fail, and try again. I now pray that my daughter, having had these experiences also, uses her wings safely. And I know that your children too, given these foundational experiences, will also one day soar on their own wings, confident and capable because of their preschool years!