The Gan offers a great, active community!

One of the best parts of being a member of the Gan community is that we're also a member of the Adas community. Sure - there's a tiny downside to this: it's even more difficult to choose WHICH activity to do. But,  WOW - what great choices there are.  In March, we have great Gan events like Tzingo (9th)Young Family Shabbat Service and Dinner (21st), the Gan Megillah Reading (16th), and the opportunity to bring fruit and other food for our Martha's Table Brigade (18th/19th). But we ALSO have the chance to attend the Adas Megillah Reading (Adas' Got Talent on the 15th), the Adas Purim Carnival (16th), and one of my personal favorites Kol HaOlam (a capella competition on the 1st). Winter WILL end sometime; meanwhile we have great things to do in March. I hope you and your family have an opportunity to try something new.