Discipline Means Teaching

With Open House season approaching, I've been reflecting on the most common questions parents ask me when they want to learn about the Gan. Discipline is high on the list. Parents want to know if we use "time outs" (we don't) or if we "punish" children (also a "no). What I try to explain, and what Janet Lansbury does here much more eloquently than I, is that discipline means teaching and we use children's behaviors as learning opportunities. This takes patience, calm, experience, and LEARNING for teachers. Part of the staff development we do each month helps us better understand our children, their abilities, their motivations, and what techniques we can use to help our children succeed. We invite you to share your challenges and successes with admin staff as you see appropriate. Remember, Beth Griffith, our JSSA social worker is also available by appointment for a full range of parenting advice.