Excellence at the Gan

As Sarah and I conduct Open Houses, I am always struck by the difficulty in conveying to prospective parents how many things the Gan does (building family communities in each room and then, in turn, through the whole school; targeting specific skill improvement for each child in ways appropriate to him or her; giving back to the community is a myriad of parent coordinated service projects – I could go on!). For sure, our community tends to speak for itself, and our Judaic values are evident as families tour the school. But the most difficult thing to explain to potential families is the intangible "excellence in early childhood education." How does one demonstrate excellence? Every time we go to conferences and seminars, we are struck by how superior our staff and training are. It’s always gratifying to learn from experts in our field when they reinforce what we're doing. And when we return to the Gan, we are ready to implement our new knowledge and skills. Recently I saw this TEDx talk that spoke to me. In it, we hear about executive functioning is key to success as an adult. And that experiential learning, and art exploration in particular, is the best method to develop these critical life skills. At the Gan, we strive to provide exactly these hands-on experiences for our children. I hope you enjoy this talk, too.