Gratitude for the Gan

The Gan is one of the biggest sources of gratitude for me. So many amazing things are happening at the Gan. We try to highlight them in this newsletter and teachers share many of them in their emails. While we do not EXPECT families to participate in all that is happening, we urge you to take time to read about your community so you know about the experiences being offered. This month, for example, is chock full of great events: Snack in the Shack, Adas family Sukkot services, Life After the Gan, ongoing Sunday Mud House building with Noa, the "Gan Hakafah" (Torah parade) at Simchat Torah servicesPicture Art, and services on Shabbat morning for families with young children. All of the are OPTIONS for you, but do not let this plethora of opportunities be a source of guilt. No one can (or even should) participate in everything that Adas and the Gan offer you. We do, though, want you to know about them.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at as many of these events as your family wants to attend. Wishing you a joyous Sukkot, Sheri