Understanding the Latest In Brain Research and Child Development

We had our last Open House on Thursday morning and I have to tell you how proud it made me feel. As prospective Gan parents toured the school they got to see firsthand what wonderful things are happening in our classrooms. Was everything perfect? Of course, not. But it was truly wonderful. Each classroom "oozed" love and authentic learning was evident at every turn.  It takes a special community to produce a school of this caliber. It takes parents who want the best for their children and teachers who agree. Providing “the best” means staying current on best practices in early childhood education and developmentally appropriate practice. There is an opportunity for parents to learn more about the most recent developments in brain research that are the basis for both of these – best practices and developmentally appropriate practice. This workshop, geared specifically for parents, is offered on Jan 21 at 7pm and will be taught by Judy Harris Helm, a leader in early childhood brain research and learning. I hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn from an expert in our field.

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