Insights into Teaching and Parenting

In the beginning of the school year, as children and staff settle in, I often hear similar questions from parents. Most of them revolve around behavior. Let's face it: children are a challenge (Thanks, Rudolf Dreikurs). One of the best parts about raising children in a community is the chance to learn from each other about "best practice." Yes, we should always follow our hearts. Yes, we should not take advice from every expert we encounter. And, no, no one has all of the answers. But I do believe that if we read a variety of opinions and listen to many experts and friends, we can find the way that resonates best with our inner compass. In Ma Hadash, I will share some interesting articles I come across. (I read many each and every day.) I invite you to share YOUR wisdom and questions with me. My door is always open.

[My favorite article this past week takes a slightly different look at a problem most parents have seen: WHY is s/he doing this?]