Join us: Staff Appreciation Luncheon

In any early childhood program, the teachers are the lifeblood of the institution. It doesn't matter how shiny and new the facilities are, how “natural” the materials, or how “smart” the books if you don’t have warm, caring, qualified and competent staff. Here at the Gan we are blessed to have both a wonderful facility and AMAZING staff. Our children learn to share, be compassionate, and grow intellectually and emotionally each day at the Gan. They are provided incredible experiences each day – from the “mundane” – dressing up in dramatic play clothes and putting on an impromptu play to the remarkable – making mud ovens in the parking lot and cooking their own matzah on it from scratch. None of this work would be possible without the truly dedicated and highly skilled teachers at the Gan. We hope that your child has had a transformative year, and that you will join us in saying “Thank you!” to your child’s teacher, and all the Gan teachers who, together, make the Gan the wonderful preschool that it is. Please join us on May 20 for a staff appreciation luncheon.