Kashrut at the Gan

In this week's parsha (Torah portion), we learn the laws of kashrut, Jewish dietary laws. We learn that to be kosher, a fish must have fins and scales. We learn which land animals we may eat (split hooves and must chew their cud). We learn which birds are kosher and which INSECTS (four types of locusts!) we may eat. Whether or not your family follows the dietary laws, we are serious about following them in the Gan. You may wonder why we do this when not every family keeps kosher.

The answer here is simple: we want all Jews to be comfortable in our Gan. No member of our community should have to wonder if they will be accidentally eating something forbidden in our entire building. We are strictly kosher because we want to show respect for all members of our community, learn about kashrut if we didn't while growing up, and learn the "how-to's" of performing the mitzvot. Performing a mitvah is not just a commandment; it is an OPPORTUNITY to connect with our Creator and with each other. Whether you know a little or a lot about Jewish dietary laws, the Gan has resources for families to learn more. Please don't hesitate to ask me, Sarah (she IS a rabbi, after all), or any of the clergy at Adas. We would be happy to help you explore this topic further.