Raising Competent Children

"We believe in the competence of children."

This line is from the vision statement created by the Gan Staff. It echoes what early childhood educators have known for a long time, "If we show a child we trust him/her to do something, the child will live up to that trust." Dr. Laura Markham at AHAparentingwrites, "Competent children are free enough from emotional issues to tackle the age-appropriate developmental tasks of each stage of development, master them, and emerge with greater confidence." [Special thanks to Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt for introducing me to the blog.] How can parents help children become appropriately independent? A good start is to NOT do things for them they can do themselves. We do not need to carry our children into school. We do not need to hang up their bags in their cubbies. We do not need to show them how to create beautiful art work. We can relax and enjoy who they are and what they are doing, provided we are careful to model appropriately and gently guide if a dangerous situation requires. We have a wonderful opportunity to learn from our children; they have a lot to teach us.