Balancing Our Praise

"Research is only as good as the sense you use to apply it." (Amanda Morgan,Praise Junkies Part 2I know I've mentioned before that the Gan staff is very judicious in its use of praise with children. We try to make factual observations (e.g. "You worked a long time to make that structure exactly the way you wanted it." or "I notice you used a lot of blue in your painting.") rather than subjective statements (e.g. "I love your picture." or "You're such a good builder."). There is a BALANCE that one needs to create between NO praise, purely objective praise, and a bit of genuine, spontaneous "I love you"-type praise. As with most things, one needs to combine one's gut feelings with research and common sense. It reminds me a bit of Talmudic arguments: there are many sides to every question and one needs to be sure to look at all of them while forming an opinion. The most important thing we do as adults is act intentionally, speaking from a place of mindfulness.