Input Welcome!

Happy 2014! As we head into the new secular year, the Gan is proud to be one of the premier preschools in the Washington, DC area. Not only are our teachers at the top of their field in background and continuing education, but they bring a dedication to their job that is unrivaled. The Gan provides its families more than an amazing educational opportunity; the Gan is a warm community that nurtures families as much as it nurtures students. The Gan does not take its elite status for granted. Staff and the Gan Advisory Committee are always reflecting on what we do and how we could do an even better job. We invite you to join with us in whatever way is most comfortable for you – volunteering, giving feedback to Gan or lay committee staff, or engaging in deep conversations with other parents and/or your child’s teacher(s) – to help us continue to grow and improve so our children always have the rich learning environment they deserve.