Gan Pillars

As Adas prepares for its pillar weekend and the rich dialogue that is sure to ensue, I am reminded of the pillars upon which the Gan stands: excellence in early childhood education, Jewish values, and community. We take our commitment seriously and work hard to improve constantly. To this end, my office door is always open for parents. I say this all the time and, fortunately, people take me at my word. What kinds of things do parents come in to discuss, you might wonder. How does parent input contribute to the Gan's success? I am happy to report that the MAJORITY of the time, parents bring child-rearing questions, compliments for staff, and various suggestions for making the Gan more user-friendly, family-friendly, or even bottom-line friendly. Every once in a while, I hear a concern from a parent about something that is happening or not happening in the Gan - the parent may question the reason for something a teacher is doing or a policy we have or even the competence of a staff member.Please know that I welcome these discussions. ALL input is valued and, while I may not be able to give you the answer you want, I will always consider your comments as I make decisions that affect the Gan community. Thank you, families, for being true pillars of the Gan. As Thanksgiving approaches, I am grateful to you for your input, caring and investment in the Gan's success. Have a meaningful, warm, family-filled Thanksgiving.

I posted the link to my favorite Thanksgiving song last year (written by Tom Chapin) and I will post it every year, as I believe it expresses the true meaning of Thanksgiving.  Click here to hear "Thanksgiving Day" by Tom Chapin.

Sheri Brown, Director