Empowering Kids

We talk at the Gan about the importance of developing children's social-emotional skills. We work hard to empower children and create self-motivated achievers. How can parents foster this growth at home? Teacher Tom (one of preschool teachers' favorite bloggers) writes: "Everyone's goal is a child who understands her own emotions, treats others with respect, and knows how to assess her own risks. These are all vital skills to success in life." Tom suggests four ways we can help give the gift of empowerment, and avoid raising “spoiled” kids. (Read more of his thoughtful column here.) At this time of year when we so often hear parents say they are worried about "spoiling" their children with gifts, let's work together to give our children a lasting gift – the ability to function as caring, productive members of our community. Chag Sameach.

Sheri Brown, Director