Parents | Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Buddies Program:  mid summer - end of school; Buddy Dinner Sept 4

  • Co-chairs: Maia Magder, Tama Thune
  • All volunteer positions filled.
  • The Buddy Program pairs New Gan families up with Veteran Gan families to create a  welcoming environment and to help with some of the overwhelming feelings that may come with starting a new school. Veteran families have a very important role with VERY LITTLE time commitment: All a Veteran family has to do is contact their buddy family by phone or email once before school starts to introduce yourself and answer any questions the buddy family might have. There is a buddy dinner right around the start of school. After, families are asked to check in with their buddy once a month through the Fall semester of school. If buddies want to do more, that's great (dinner, playdates, etc.) but this is totally not necessary.  The co-chairs make the buddy matches, plan the buddy dinner, and check in with the Veteran family to make sure they have contacted their buddies.

Teacher Resource Room/Chesed Fund: ongoing throughout the year

  • Chair: Susan Anton Olmos
  • All volunteer positions filled.
  • To show appreciation to our teachers, we provide them with coffee and water in the teacher’s lounge, and buy them birthday gifts (gift cards).  The Co-Chair works with Becki Walter to ensure that coffee/water supplies are not low and to get the birthday gifts at the right time.  This is a minimal effort job that can be primarily done from home or the office for a lot of return – happy teachers!

Tea and Tissues: September 10-14, 19-21; January 8, 10, 15,17

  • Co-Chairs: Margie Fern, Shana Zucker
  • All volunteer positions filled.
  • During the first two weeks of school in September, and when the Kittens start in January, veteran Gan parents will be available in the Tea and Tissues room for soothing conversation and support as you send your new students to school.  Those veterans will also be on-hand to peek in on your child and report back – convenient for covertly maintaining your peace-of-mind. The co-chairs order food, act as spies, and help solicit other spies.

Picture Art: October 29, 30

  • Chair: Caroline Friedman
  • All volunteer positions filled.
  • A professional photographer comes to the Gan and takes individual pictures of our children.  The photographers are consistently magical at capturing our children’s best smiles.  These truly make great holiday gifts, and are available for parents to order in various forms (most popular are key chains, magnets, and pencil holders).  The pictures are so successful, that we find graduates are still returning to get their picture art pictures!   This program also helps support the Gan.  The co-chairs collect the sign up forms, organizing photo sitting times, and are there the day of the event to run it. 

Life After the Gan: September 21

  • Chair: Tama Thune
  • All volunteer positions filled.
  • This is a school fair for those Gan parents interested in discussing life after the Gan.  It is geared primarily toward parents of graduating children or those interested in school options after their leave the Gan.  Co-Chairs contact education consultants to give parents a presentation on how to choose the right school for your child; co-chairs also contact schools and find volunteers (from the schools or parents) to sit at tables and provide information to parents as they circle the room.  Co-chairs also organize coffee, bagels, fruit, etc., as well as set up and clean up.