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Shabbat Challah: every Friday and Flowers every other Friday

  • Co-chairs: Catherine Brown, Taryn Rosenkranz
  • Volunteers are coordinated through the Room Parents
  • Families who subscribe will receive fresh Challah every Friday in their child’s tote bag.  This convenience makes the commencement of Shabbat even more special for your family.  Gan children also love bringing home flowers to welcome Shabbat – these are delivered every other Friday to your child’s tote bag.  The co-chairs collect the orders and organize delivery of the challah and flowers each week.

Family Shabbat Services: monthly

Nov 16, Dec 21, Jan 18, March 15, April 19, and May 17

  • Co-Chairs: Melissa Blume, Melissa Shear
  • All volunteer positions filled.
  • These are Friday night Shabbat services designed for pre-schoolers, which includes a preschool service with singing and dancing.  All Gan families and friends are welcome.  Before the service, an informal buffet dinner (also designed for pre-schoolers and their grown-ups) is available for those who wish to participate.  The co-chairs advertise the dinners and order the food.

Annual Shabbat Service and Dinner: Oct 19

  • Co-Chairs: Erin Claxton, Patricia Kao
  • All volunteer positions filled.
  • This is our kick off Shabbat dinner.  Once a year we have a Friday Shabbat service followed by a “fancy” sit down dinner catered Shabbat dinner.  We seat classes together so the parents can get to know each other better.  In addition to the lovely dinner, there will be Israeli dancing for children and adults.  The co-chairs organize the dinner, collect RSVPs, and order the foo

Snack in the Shack: October 5

  • Co-chairs:Jodi Blecker, Leora Klapper
  • All volunteer positions filled.
    This is a much-anticipated event celebrating Sukkot.  We gather with our children in the sukkah (decorated in part by them), and enjoy an activity, story, and snack.  The co-chairs order the food, coordinate with the synagogue for tables, chairs, etc., and plan the craft.

Rabbi/Parent/Child Holiday Programs: January 22, April 22

  • Chair: Jodi Blecker
  • Need 1 Volunteer
  • Two discussion groups are offered on different topics throughout the year.  For example, past years programs included Hanukkah, Purim, and Lag B’ Omer, Talking to Children about God, and Teaching Children about Mitzvot.  On these days, Gan parents have an organized opportunity to have discussions with our clergy while our children are in school.  It’s a great way to broaden our understanding of traditions, and make them relevant to our daily lives.  The discussions are always informative and lively.  They are followed by a parent/child theme-centered craft project and a group lunch.  The co-chairs choose the themes, coordinate with the clergy, and provide the craft.

Havdallah Dinner: February 9

  • Need 1-2 Co-chairs, have 4 volunteers
  • Gan families gather at the synagogue on a Saturday evening to enjoy the rituals of a brief Havdallah service, sit-down dinner, and Israeli dancing.  It’s a beautiful evening, rich with warmth and tradition.  The co-chairs organize the dinner, collect RSVPs, and order the food.

Lag B’Omer Picnic and Bonfire: April 28

  • Co-chairs: Bonnie Prober, Ian Halpern
  • Have 2 Co-Chairs, need 2 volunteers
  • This is a chance to celebrate and learn about Lag B’Omer.  This Israeli tradition is great fun.  We play in the park, sing songs, and eat pizza and ice cream around a bonfire.  The co-chairs reserve the site, order the food, and plan the crafts.