New Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 2/25/15

You may have seen the major national news last week -  a US-government appointed scientific panel released a 600-page report that will inform America's new dietary guidelines.

What’s in: eating a more plant-based diet (good for your body & the earth), eggs, alcohol and coffee (ok in moderation)!

What’s out: red and processed meat, sugar-sweetened foods and beverages and refined grains.

For more, read here.

If you can’t keep up, read about Brazil’s approach to healthy eating. “Their national guidelines don't dwell on nutrients, calories, or weight loss. They don't jam foods into pyramids or child-like plates. Instead, they focus on meals and encourage citizens to simply cook whole foods at home, and to be critical of the seductive marketing practices of Big Food.” Definitely something to chew on!

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