Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas that Kids (Even Young Ones!) Can Help Make

The best way to encourage children to eat a more varied diet? Have them help cook.

Now that it’s Spring and the days are longer, we all want to be outside, enjoying the sun, not inside cooking! Here are three quick and easy dinner ideas that kids can help make themselves (and enjoy eating!)

1.       Make-Your-Own-Bowl Night! - Select a few items (5-7) from the list and put each item on the table in different bowls with spoons your children can use. If you want an Asian dinner, use fish and seaweed; or more of a Mexican taste, use black beans and guacamole.

2.       Baked eggrolls – Everyone gets to pick the veggies to include, from what’s offered. Then cook ‘em up and let the kids roll their own eggrolls! These are baked, instead of fried, and are ready in 15 minutes.

3.       Nacho Night – Who doesn’t like Nacho Night? In this version, you bake corn tortillas to make your own tortilla chips and then plate everything in a cupcake tin so everyone can design their own nacho plate.

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