Dinner and Veggies

The battle over vegetables often takes place at the dinner table. It’s the end of the day, kids are tired, parents are tired. The realization that kids may not have eaten enough veggies hits us and we try to play catchup at dinner.

An easy way to introduce more veggies at dinner is to serve a first course. Think hummus and cut raw veggies. Plan ahead and have everything clean and cut so you just have to put everything on a plate and then put it out so hungry kids can dip and bite when they need it. If you want some variety, buy flavored hummus (Cava Olive Hummus is a favorite in our house!) or take a can of white beans, drain it and blend with garlic, olive oil and salt to make a white bean dip.

Another great first course veggie-heavy option is SOUP! Soup is loaded with veggies, it’s fun to eat and a great way to get hungry kids started while you finish cooking the rest of the meal. Make a big soup on Sundays so the kids can slurp throughout the week. For inspiration, check out these 50 vegetarian soups!

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