60+ Snack Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Looking for snack ideas for your child’s classroom? Download and print our snack list with 60+ healthy, nut-free snack ideas. Trying to mix it up? Consider frozen fruit! Or bring in corn cakes, instead of rice cakes! Want to make it more fun? Bring in some cinnamon and let the class sprinkle some on plain cream cheese or ricotta cheese.

Since, on any given day, 30% of all 2-3 year olds don’t eat a single vegetable, don’t forget to include veggies at snack time, when children tend to be hungry and possibly more willing to try something new! You’ll find tons of ideas on this list.

First Bites is a non-profit organization that runs programs in preschools and early childcare centers to get kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables. To learn more about the program and for more ideas on what and how to feed children, visit  www.firstbites.org,  Facebook.com/YourFirstBites or follow us on Twitter @FirstBites.