This summer, make eating fruits and veggies fun!

This summer, make eating fruits and veggies fun! Try one of these fun ways to get your kids in the kitchen and more excited about fruits and veggies. For more ideas on how to make changes to what and how you feed your children, check us out at and follow us on Facebook –

 1.       Use a spiralizer ( : kids love cranking the handle and watching a plain ‘ol zucchini or cucumber turn into long noodles. Make one ingredient apple chips (!about1/c22dr), turn sweet potatoes into nests (!sweet-potato-nests--first-bites/cby7), or make some cucumber noodles for snack time.

2.       Stamp with veggie cutters ( give your kids these stainless steel veggie cutters to make shapes with cucumbers, peppers and carrots. They can use the flowery cucumbers for a dip or munch on star shaped peppers.

3.       Everything is more fun on a stick (! Put out cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, mini mozzarella balls, olives and basil leaves and let your children make their own “caprese skewers.” Or, put out a variety of fruit – grapes, blueberries, strawberries, black berries, fresh mint leaves and let your kids have fun. This is also great for their motor skills! 

Caron Gremont

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