Cupcakes at Classroom Birthday Parties: Totally or No Way!

Do cupcakes belong at classroom birthday parties? Some say “Absolutely, it’s a birthday!” and others give a resounding “No!” We can all agree that birthdays are a celebration of our child. But how we celebrate this milestone is a controversial topic indeed.

While many believe an occasional cupcake to mark a big day is no big deal, with 15 children in a class, the occasional birthday cupcake can 

start to feel less occasional and more regular -- especially considering many children also have birthday parties on weekends with the same friends from school. There are many other ways to celebrate a birthday in the classroom and, most importantly, celebrate your child. 

If you want to bring in food, consider bringing in fruit in every color of the rainbow and letting children design their own fruit salad or make their own yogurt parfait. Sesame Street fruit trays are always a big hit with the preschool crowd! Make-your-own snowmen on a stick is a fun and easy assembly project that children can do in the classroom. Finally, fruit skewers are fun and beautiful, and kids always love eating food on a stick! These are all child-tested fun snacks that children enjoy making and eating.

There are also lots of ways to celebrate a classroom birthday without food! Bring in and read your child’s favorite book. Hand out ribbons and streamers, play some music and let the children dance with and around your child. Bring in art supplies and let everyone decorate a page for your child’s birthday book. Think about your child’s favorite toy, and buy that toy to donate to your child’s classroom on his birthday.  Bring in a white t-shirt and some fabric markers and let everyone draw on a birthday shirt for your child. The options are endless! The goal is celebrating your child!

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