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Plan to join us: First Bites Parent Workshop: February 26, 10:30am

End the Drama: Tips and Strategies to Make Dinner Time More Fun
Join us on February 26th at 10:30am as we discuss meal ideas and share simple strategies that will encourage your children to try more food and eat more fruits and vegetables. Come with questions, and any success stories or favorite meal ideas that you want to share.

Lunch will be provided by Ben Yehuda Cafe. Join us for the workshop, then come sample the whole-wheat pizza we're offering for hot lunch Tuesdays! 

Have questions or want to register? Email Rabbi Sarah Meytin


The New York Times is doing a series on Picky Eating. This week’s installment offers some interesting lessons for parents.  A few highlights: the parents participating in the experiment realize that their own biases and assumptions are holding their kids back (like calling your child a picky eater and not believing they can move beyond that stage). In addition, the parents realize that their own desire to make meal time pleasant after a long day at work and away from the kids means they give the kids whatever they want to eat, instead of determining the menu and creating a supportive structure for their children.  Read more here.