Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

Does your child only eat certain foods (I’m talking about you nuggets/pasta/pizza!)? Is your child very reluctant to try anything new? Do you find yourself worried about what your child will eat at a friend’s house or when you go to family for dinner? For the next few weeks, we’ll provide tips and strategies to help you and your child at meal time.

In the meantime, the first thing to do is try stop saying “picky eater.” Labeling your child can lower your expectations and prevent you from encouraging your child to try new foods. Similarly, a child who hears he is a picky eater may assume he can’t be anything other than a picky eater.

To celebrate apple season, make apple chips. This simple, two ingredient recipe can be made in an oven and tastes crunchy, sweet and just like Fall!

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