Child Development Checklists

There are many lists  that detail the stages of development that children progress through. The fact that there are so many and that they vary somewhat tells us that there is no definitive progression in every area of development, rather we must educate ourselves in the fascinating unfolding that is each unique child. However, the checklists help us to understand what we are seeing, and anticipate what may be coming next. We are pleased to share some sample lists and resources on child development with our community.  

Child Development Tracker: 2-3 yrs old

Child Development Tracker: 3-4 yrs old

Child Development Tracker: 4-5 yrs old 

Birth through Preschool Developmental Checklists

Birth through 3 yrs old Developmental Information

The Brain at Play (video)

Is Your Child Ready to Read? (PDF)

Seven Essential Life Skills for Every Child (PDF)

Executive Function Developmental Milestones (PDF)

This blog post, by Not Just Cute, has links to a number of articles about child development and developmentally appropriate practice.